From Bill & Collette Flowers

 "Scott, thank you for all your hard work and commitment in the construction of our home we greatly appreciate your hard work and always coming through 100% on any problems that arose. We are so pleased with your work and we trust in you infinite."

Thank you

Bill & Colette Flowers


From Abid Dyer

"I bought my first home from Scott and my experience with Scott was fantastic  Its a beautiful house on such a great location and it came with great workmanship, quality material and nice appliances.

Anytime I had any little problem Scott acted fast and got things fixed for me. His customer service is amazing. I would definitely recommend my friends to buy house he has built." Abid Dyer



Court and Ayme Hutchinson
Last summer (2014), my wife and I were told about this man who builds homes in Cenla. Being the son of a father who has a lot of building experience, I was somewhat hesitant to move forward until I checked the background of whomever I hired to build my home. I would like to personally let everyone know that Scott Wallace is first class in his work as a builder, his integrity, in keeping his word, and in satisfying the customers. Not only did Scott Wallace receive a great report from every background source, all his sub-contractors, the businesses he works with, realtors, and anyone else that knows him, they will also tell you that he’s second to none in building homes and in keeping his word and I am here to also echo those same gratifications. Money will get you a builder, but what money will not get you is integrity, good ethics & morals, and honesty. Scott Wallace exemplified and represents all of these hard-to-find traits both personally and professionally. My wife and I’s relationship with Scott grew very quickly, and we both will gladly say that we trust him both personally and professionally. We moved in our home in late December, 2014. The following week, our first born son came six weeks early. Scott did not abandon us and he has followed through with every promise to this day. In fact, 4 months later and he’s still doing small finishes at our request and he often checks in on us. What a wonderful guy!! Scott always took every one of my calls, texts and he responds very quickly to every request, care & concern. The whole building process was fun, pleasurable, and exciting, and Scott made it an incredible experience. So much so, that when I build again, he will be the first man I call. In July, 2014, he told us we would be in our home on or about December 19, 2014. And folks, he kept his word through weather and building delays and had us in there the weekend of December 19. I would personally recommend (and I’m probably his biggest fan) him to build your home. If you are looking for someone who treats you like a friend and family and who will take care of you and gives an account of every dime spent, Scott Wallace is the builder for you. Scott Wallace’s character is simply incomparable. And whatever you want done on the interior or exterior of the home, he can do it. He backs down from no task requested by the customer, and when he’s finished with your request, his work will exceed your expectations. My wife and I love our new home, and we owe the beauty, style and superb satisfaction of it to our builder and friend, Scott Wallace. Almost every week we’ve had people stop in front of our home to view it. Some have even come to the door to want a looksee inside. My wife and I may have picked out what we wanted, but Scott made our dream, home and vision come to life. Thank you, Scott Wallace for a most enjoyable home-building experience, and for your outstanding work on our home. We will be calling in a few years….. Let’s do it again!

Court and Ayme Hutchinson ~~ Owners of the prettiest home in Paradise Point – so we think!!

beautiful designs by Scott Wallace Melot Construction
Alexandria's number one Custom Home builder
Scott Wallace Melot Construction


 Scott Wallace is a intelligent man with integrity. He completes the job on time, on budget and with extreme quality service! Every client of mine that has used Scott Wallace for a custom built home, and or project manager were extremely pleased.

 Mary Sonnier, REALTOR

Custom Homes of Cenla

 Rod Noles,

Property Management

Home Builder of Alexandria, Louisiana

Scott Wallace knows what he is doing and he follows through on his commitments. We have worked with Scott on every type of “food group” retail, office, development projects, and new residential construction. Scott brings high energy, integrity, and experience to the job site. 

 Kendra Van Cleef,

Van Cleef Enterprises

Kendra Van Cleef, Van Cleef Enterprises

I have had the pleasure of photographing Scott Wallace Melot Construction Homes for the past 5 years. I can truly say :He has NEVER built a bad one!"  Impeccable work and his clients are always so proud of their homes! He is a man of high integrity and very dependable.